Atualização SmartPTT Express 2.1: Suporte ao módulo SCADA

Release announcements | jul 24

Uma atualização do SmartPTT Express 2.1 para DIMETRA Express foi lançada e já está disponível para download.

SmartPTT Mobile para dispositivos Android

Release announcements | jun 18

O SmartPTT Mobile permite acesso de voz e dados ao seu sistema de rádio digital Motorola MOTOTRBO de praticamente qualquer lugar do mundo.

Versão SmartPTT Express 2.1

Anúncios de lançamento | jun 11

O principal destaque do SmartPTT Express 2.1 é o rastreamento via GPS dos usuários de rádio.


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The SmartPTT-based radio communications system is used at the airport for organizing the work of airport ground staff and plays an important role in ensuring the work of airports, preventing problems due to equipment downtime and ensuring the safety of passengers and staff.

The SmartPTT-based radio communications system is used at the airport for organizing the work of airport ground staff and plays an important role in ensuring the work of airports, preventing problems due to equipment downtime and ensuring the safety of passengers and staff.

Until the present time, for managing dispatcher services many airports used conventional subscriber radio stations to communicate with staff. If a dispatcher was supervising the work of several services, he either used several radio stations next to one another or switched between the channels designated for those services.

Neither option is the optimal solution. The dispatcher either has to keep two or more radio stations on him or keep switching channels on the radio station, with the risk of missing important calls. Apart from this, by using a subscriber radio station the controller can only exchange voice information with subscribers and cannot receive other information on their status.

A radio system based on MOTOTRBO digital equipment and SmartPTT software makes a suitable solution for modernizing airport radio communications systems. The SmartPTT dispatch console offers the controller a wide spectrum of options for the effective management of staff: easy-to-use panels for communicating with employees, visualization of their location on a map, interconnection of different subscriber talk groups and exchange of text messages with employees.

Benefits for the dispatcher:

  • Receive information on the location of subscriber via GPS if the radio station is equipped with a GPS module, which helps for example to synchronize the job of a tanker with the work of other services and reduces the downtime of specialist equipment.
  • Receive text messages and messages on the status of a subscriber
  • Send jobs to staff in the form of short text messages and check the progress of their performance
  • Record all events and conversations on the system as necessary

Benefits for personnel

  • Communications between work teams by means of voice calls and SMS
  • Communications with colleagues by telephone
  • Receive jobs in the form of text messages at the radios and report on their performance
  • Synchronize the jobs of different groups via a dispatcher

On the whole, experience shows that introduction of a dispatcher radio communications system based on MOTOTRBO equipment and SmartPTT software improves the quality of communications, broadens the possibility of effective management of subscribers, maintains staff discipline and provides call switching for radio subscribers with users of fixed-line voice communications.

Esquema Técnico


The choice of radio communications hardware system in airports strongly depends on the size of the airport. In major federal airports trunking radio communications systems are often used, while in medium-sized airports both trunking and conventional multi-site systems can be found, and in small airports usually single-site conventional systems are sufficient to guarantee service.

The radio network architecture may vary, but in general it is a multi-site system with repeaters set up in such a way as to ensure full radio coverage of the airport.

The DMR standard equipment to which MOTOTRBO is related uses frequency channels in the 12.5 kHz range, providing two talk channels in each frequency. This allows multi-channel systems to be created with the required number of channels that fit into the traditional 1 MHz range.

The SmartPTT dispath consoles that can be installed include IP channels in the system and allow controllers to hear and transmit voice to any selected subscribers or groups. This removes the need to install antennas for radio stations and prevents a situation where two neighboring radio stations interfere with each other.

The server flexibly switches voice channels between different repeaters, interconnecting different sites and preventing unproductive use of channels, and acts as a gateway into the organization’s telephone network. The server can also interconnect different types of systems, for example trunked and conventional sites. Such an architecture may be desirable for providing some emergency services with a dedicated communications channel.

Digital subscriber radio stations effectively filter out background noises such as the noise of an aircraft engine or the wind, improving the quality of communications with staff.



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