Actualizaciones móviles SmartPTT
SmartPTT Mobile

Release announcements | Jul 10

Сonexión automática al servidor y configuración de prioridad de la aplicación

Versión SmartPTT PLUS 9.7.1
SmartPTT dispatch software

Release announcements | Jun 3

Integración con Avigilon y nuevas características de cliente web

Nuevo SmartPTT Mobile: Cliente PoC
SmartPTT PoC Client

Release announcements | May 20

Nuestra nueva aplicación móvil se basa en tecnología PoC y habilita comunicación entre usuarios de Smartphones y otros suscriptores SmartPTT vía LTE, 4G ó Wi-Fi

Sobre nosotros


Elcomplus’ team launched business in 1994 in Tomsk (Russia) with integration of small-scale commercial radio communication systems for individuals and small enterprises. Today, the Company pushed the boundaries up to larger projects both on a national basis and all over the world delivering only reliable and high-quality solutions for industrial communications and automation expanding the geography, levels and areas of its business.

Elcomplus’ business areas:

  • Software development for digital radio systems
  • Development and integration of engineering communication systems
  • Design of industrial automation and communication systems
  • Development and integration of industrial automation systems

Since 2007 Elcomplus has been the official Application Partner for Motorola Solutions professional mobile radio. The cooperation with Motorola Solutions resulted in the development of SmartPTT dispatch software in 2009. The developments for dispatch radio spread over and brought to the digital dispatch radio system based on MOTOTRBO digital platform by Motorola Solutions and SmartPTT software by Elcomplus.

Annually Elcomplus’ team implements more than 150 projects in all four areas of its business.

As for SmartPTT dispatch software it is supplied throughout the entire world for fossil minerals exploitation sites, transport and processing facilities, as well as for production and public safety facilities. Elcomplus’ dispatch systems are also used by police departments in Thailand and Chile, emergency medical services in Brazil, public transport in Malaysia and Brazil as well as by Procter & Gamble (UK), Shell (Malaysia), RussNeft (Russia) and by many other companies and public services.


Elcomplus aims to worthily serve the interests of the Customer, provide the Customer with the equipment and services of the highest quality at possible affordable prices allowing for the profit necessary for enterprise growth, and provide employees with opportunities to achieve personal goals.

We offer

Persistent benefits for our Clients owing to professional expertise and stability of our business. We intend to have long-term relations with our Clients owing to development of communications and automation systems making us see the possibilities for growth of our customers, as well as deep understanding of the existing and future demands, providing for consistency of offered solutions.

Rewarding joint growth for our Partners. Our relations with the Partners are based on mutual trust, responsibility and understanding that only persistent beneficial co-operation ensures reliability and personal liability for results.

Our Employees. We respect and value the people in our Company. Professional experts are the basis of any successful business. Training, professional growth, as well as comfort environment inside the Company are the core principles of corporate HR policy. We promote professional training for our specialists and take care of their social security.

Corporate core values

Knowledge is:

  • Professional expertise gained through experience and understanding of the business.
  • Continuous self-improvement, exploring and innovation.
  • Perception, conception, intuition and foresight.

Efficiency is:

  • Maximum results within the time limits set.
  • Accurate analysis and ideal balance of expenses and results.
  • Rational resource management.

Cooperation is:

  • Mutual understanding and confidence inside the Company.
  • Cooperation in problem solving and achievement of the results.
  • Open and benevolent collaboration with our partners, clients, society and government authorities.

We are responsible:

  • To each other as co-workers for the quality of the work we do and for the guidelines and principles of the Company’s operations.
  • To the Customers for the quality of products and services supplied.
  • To the Partners for discharge of our obligations.

Leadership for us is:

  • Consistent improvement and optimization of our business meeting the requirements of our clients.
  • High rates of growth and development of our Company as directed by the requirements of the market.
  • Client is the key priority of the Company and we aim all our efforts at customer satisfaction.

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