Radio Communication System Audit

pic_audit_1Engineering audit of radio communication systems aims to reveal existing problems and give expert recommendations for their resolution, as well as to optimize and improve the effectiveness of all available resources either for a small office or for a large enterprise.

It is impossible to get the real assessment of the state of the communication equipment and plan its development without the professional audit.

Based on our wide experience we are ready to carry out engineering audit of telecommunication systems based on specific activity of Client’s enterprise.

Audit involves the following:

  • Engineering analysis of the existing equipment fleet.
  • Detection of radio communication problems at the enterprise and recommendations for their resolution.
  • Assessment of further development and retrofit of the system.
  • Recommendations for system integration.

Engineering audit results in development of a new revamp and engineering policy for radio communication system of the enterprise, as well as the action plan for its implementation, and proposals for effective reduction of communication costs.

pic_audit_2The Client benefits from the audit in following:

  • Reduction of costs for maintenance of corporate radio communication structure.
  • Concept of an effective network structure in compliance with the requirements of corporate development.
  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date solutions.
  • Increase in quality and reliability of the communication system operation.
  • Possibility for further growth of the proposed radio communication system at the optimal possible investment.

Elcomplus offers audit services on contract-based conditions and is bound with obligations of confidentiality.

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