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Consulting in Radio Communication Systems

pic_consulting_1The growing complexity of modern telecommunication solutions is responsible for the need to use a professional and consistent approach to construction and optimization of communication systems at large enterprises.

A tendency to engage consulting companies to design and plan an overarching strategy for infrastructure development at large enterprises is heating up all over the world.

Elcomplus has great experience (since 1994) in development and integration of communication systems of various standards. The Company is capable of developing optimal solutions for engineering communications owing to the skilled and experienced professionals deeply understanding the technology, tendencies of the telecommunication market, as well as the features of MOTOTRBO telecommunication platform.

Elcomplus offers consulting services on contract-based conditions and is bound with obligations of confidentiality.

Consulting services for an enterprise include the following processes:pic_consulting_2

  • Identify the task from the Client and the results expected from the project execution
  • Acquisition of information related to corporate development plans, as we as current and planned activities for reorganization and development of communication infrastructure
  • Inspection of all available radio communication system components at the Client’s enterprise. To that effect the Consultant shall have all initial data for the state of the communication systems and also have access to the Client’s communication facilities
  • Detection of the existing requirements for infrastructure facilities, as well as for cooperation management between the departments to ensure a full-scale operation of the business and identification of ongoing issues. For these purposes the Consultant shall have a complete package of regulatory documents for communication networks at the enterprise as well as documentation for actions and departments operations in emergencies, and have the access for inspection of cooperation between departments
  • Development of several concepts
  • Study of shortcomings and advantages of each concept
  • Development of the appropriate model for engineering communications infrastructure based on the Client’s requirements
  • Assessment of resources required for concept execution
  • Rationale for selection of technologies, engineering solutions and components of the model, as well as equipment and software manufacturers
  • Assessment of the estimated cost of the model
  • Breakdown into steps and creation of the project portfolio for the model
  • Report with description of works

Results of consulting:

  • Appropriate concept for construction and/or retrofit of the infrastructure at a specific enterprise (holding company)
  • Feasibility Study in the scope and quality available for further design works
  • Staged implementation plan

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