Rapid response in emergencies

Detect failures immediately and correct them before they become a catastrophe

Proactive management

Schedule maintenance based on equipment performance and improve workflow having detailed information about all events

Cost optimization

Lower the number of on-site visits and use workforce and vehicles where they are really needed

High-quality decision-making

Improve dispatcher’s efficiency with automated notifications and relevant information for decision-making

Quick start

Get control of the equipment at remote points in the shortest time without building separate infrastructure

SmartPTT SCADA advantages

  • Uninterrupted data acquisition even in an emergency
  • Integration with radio dispatch systems
  • Customized user interface with situational awareness capabilities
  • Fast and easy implementation

How it works

The solution is based on SmartPTT dispatch software. Special SCADA extension complements SmartPTT dispatch console and enables processing of telemetry data received from remote points. Data transmission from equipment to the dispatch console is done through AdapTel, developed by Elcomplus, or through other interface adapters.


Remote real time monitoring Resource consumption recording
Remote equipment control Alerts to dispatcher about incidents and parameter deviations
Simultaneous control of a large amount of facilities Automated notifications to responsible people about emergencies




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